ATEEZ’s comeback could be closer than you think


ATEEZ’s comeback could be closer than you think. The mysterious image that ATEEZ shared on social networks sparked rumors about a new musical release.

ATEEZ could be preparing a new musical material, since the group has shared an image on social networks that aroused the curiosity of their fans.

ATEEZ social media shared a new update that has caused confusion among ATINYs , raising suspicions about a possible music release that may be underway.

It is an image with a yellow background and black letters where it reads ‘Maybe we are living younger, that’s why we have a fever ‘. Most of the words are underlined by a green stripe, with the exception of ‘ Fever ‘, will this be the signal for a new song with that title?

The group did not elaborate on what this post is about, but the post is accompanied by the description ‘So I have to let it go. Passion, Young, Fever . ‘

The ATEEZ logo in this image looks different from its original shape, which is why some fans suspect it could be a new era and a different concept presented by the KQ Entertainment group.

While ATEEZ reveals more details about the project they are working on, fans of the group have begun preparing to show full support for the members’ activities.

Another group preparing to release a new album is GFRIEND, the group of six girls unleashed different theories for their new album , Song of the Sirens, after sharing some teasers for this release.

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