ATEEZ shows his more challenging side in THANXX’s MV


The boys of ATEEZ revealed the official MV for the song ‘THANXX’, these are all the details of its premiere.

The male group of the company KQ Entertainment is promoting the record material ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.1’, the idols presented the song ‘INCEPTION ‘as the main track of their album, managing to position it in the best places on the music charts.

A few hours ago, through YouTube, the ATEEZ singers and rappers shared the official MV for ‘THANXX’, a Hip Hop song that combines different sounds that give an exotic touch to the musical style of the track.

The costumes were very varied and the settings for filming the ‘THANXX’ clip were characterized by very bright colors, almost all of them were exterior places, such as a wide track and even what seemed to be a rooftop of a building.

A structure of lights and other elements were also used to make the video more striking. The dancers complemented the powerful and energetic choreography of the “Wonderland” performers.

ATEEZ reflected a duality, as the ‘THANXX’ clip begins in the day, with a very bright light as the clip goes on it gets darker at night, also adding a touch of mystery to the story that the idols told.

The lyrics of ‘THANXX’ talk about the pressure young people feel for their future and all the doubts that arise about life, their fears, insecurities, but with great courage to face whatever comes their way:

Don’t worry about me, thank you, I’m fine, I’m just being myself, even if you say that everything you say is for my own good, I’ll do it my way

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ATINY expressed their love and support for ATEEZ on different social networks, where they talked about how amazed they were with the MV for ‘THANXX’, and they also posted messages recognizing the talents of each of the members.

The most recent MV for ATEEZ’s second promotional song already has more than 400 thousand views, more than 21 thousand likes and 33 thousand comments.

Check out ATEEZ’s ‘THANXX’ MV:


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