Check out all the details of the article that belongs to the merch of the group!

On January 16 from the official account of ATEEZ revealed an advance of what would be its official lightstick , in the post you can only see the shadow of the fanlight.

Fans were already waiting for this announcement very excited and in the comments you could read how happy they were for the news, with messages like ‘I had been waiting for this for so long’ or ‘I want it and I need it’, so far the photo has with more than 356 thousand likes.

The date to know the official Lightstick of ATEEZ arrived, it was published by means of a post with a photo and in full all the details , the comments section was filled with opinions about the originality of the article, because it simulates a golden globe, the base is black, its packaging is a treasure chest and the button to turn it on is a key lock.

The official merchandise can be purchased from February 3, and has a weight of 250 grams, has a legend that says ‘8 makes 1 team’, the official sales package comes with the box, the lightstick that has light in White, red and green, a strap, finally, the user manual.

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