ATEEZ reveals his inner universe in the first preview of his comeback


It’s official !, ATEEZ returns with new music for their fans with the album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part 1’. ATEEZ published the video for ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.1 Diary Film’ as the first preview of their next comeback.

The rumors that the ATEEZ members were working on something big to mark their comeback project were very strong, fans found some clues that would indicate that the male group of KQ Entertainment was planning their return to the stage.

Unexpectedly, ATEEZ shared the video ‘ ZERO: FEVER Part.1 Diary Film’ earlier today on his company’s official YouTube channel , the clip is 16 minutes 20 seconds long. Go epic way to announce the upcoming comeback of ATEEZ .

‘ ZERO: FEVER Part.1 Diary Film’ begins with the phrase:

The universe is divided into many dimensions, in this story its dimensions are divided into eight parts again

The ‘Diary Film’ shows the lucid dreams of the 8 members of ATEEZ, as well as their fears, memories, dreams and deep reflections on life, in incredible settings, full of mysticism.

It should be noted that the clip ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.1 Diary Film’ has subtitles in various languages, including Spanish, so that fans of the band can better enjoy the plot and the performances of the singers and rappers of the grouping.

The ‘Diary Film’ is the first official preview of the group’s fifth album , ‘ZERO: FEVER Part 1’ promises to be a record material full of emotional and energetic songs that express the personality and talents of the members of ATEEZ .

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‘ZERO: FEVER Part 1’ by ATEEZ is part of the great album era ‘ Treasure ‘ and the company KQ Entertainment plans to release the album on July 29 through all online digital platforms.

Watch the video of ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.1 Film Diary’ of ATEEZ first preview of his comeback:

Another group that is about to reveal their new mini album is GFRIEND , the girls revealed a new teaser video for the promotional song ‘Apple’, corresponding to their upcoming comeback.


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