ATEEZ reveals a preview of Inception, their new comeback


ATEEZ is preparing for his comeback and has already revealed the teaser for “INCEPTION”, his new single. The group will promote their new album with 2 main songs, with INCEPTION being one of them. Only 2 days left to know this MV that promises to be dark and immerse the boys in a nightmare, we tell you the details.

After conquering their fans with “Wonderland” and “Say my name”, the boys are ready to release a new album. Through their YouTube channel, the group released a preview of “INCEPTION”, their next MV.

ATEEZ is characterized by having a powerful and energetic concept in his choreography and in the beats of his songs. In the scenes, the boys appear in a kind of abandoned school, in the dark and in the midst of disaster. What’s going on?

In the scenes, some of them appear trapped in a bed, while they seem to have a nightmare, when they wake up, they see their school on fire, in the darkness of the classrooms, they start dancing even though the room is flooded with water.

Their new mini album is titled “ZERO: FEVER Part 1” and will be released in just 2 days. This July 29 his fans will be able to meet his new music. INCEPTION could be a musical nightmare in which some of its members are trapped and will have to figure out how to get out of there.

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On social networks, ATINY has shared its first reactions to the teaser for “INCEPTION”, some have shared theories and others only count the hours for ATEEZ’s comeback.


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