ATEEZ previews more of The Real and their official MV in a new teaser


ATEEZ has everything ready to return to the stage with ‘ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE’ their next mini album that will contain various songs that they presented in Kingdom, but with a new version; The Real will even have an official MV that thrills us to the max.

ATEEZ’s performance in Kingdom was amazing, the idols of this group showed great mastery on stage with various songs never seen before by their fans, thus attracting the attention of a new audience that quickly joined their fandom.

The songs ATEEZ released for the reality show were iconic and ATINY was dying to hear a new version of them where the talents of their favorite K-Pop artists will shine even more and feel like official songs rather than special for Kingdom.

Well, the wait is over and ATEEZ added some of those songs to ‘ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE’, their next album that promises us a phenomenal comeback, where we will find new songs like ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Be With You’, but we also find the recognized ones ‘Wave (Overture)’ and ‘Answer (Ode To Joy)’.

There is also ‘The Real’ on the tracklist, a Kingdom favorite song that will now have a new version and an amazing MV with which we are excited in a new teaser.

The MV of ‘The Real’ will be epic, continuing with the student concept that ATEEZ has for ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE, we see the idols in a school, although it is full of chaos and it seems that the members of the boy band are not the ones best students of the course.

In the last teaser we could see them in their side as bad boys and it seems that this way the line will continue, the ATEEZ artists show all their talents in this new preview and we can’t wait any longer to see the full MV.

Every time there is less to listen to the new music of this K-Pop group, as well as see their next MV that promises us a new adventure.