ATEEZ: Know the stature of all the members of the group


Each member of ATEEZ has their own height, do you know how tall each one is? Perhaps the tallest of the group is the one you least imagine.

ATEEZ is a great K-Pop group that has quickly achieved great relevance, thanks to the 8 idols that make up this group and with their talents take the studio and the stages, their great power is what has made them earn thousands of fans.

Each member of ATEEZ has different characteristics, talents and abilities, but together they have managed to formulate an excellent boy band that works very well when singing and acting; his performances are magnificent.

There is much to discover about the artists that make up ATEEZ, with each of the aspects that make them up, they manage to completely fall in love with ATINY, the fandom that always shows its great love, admiration and support for idols.

Do you want to know how tall each member of ATEEZ is? You could imagine next to him, how tall are the idols? Maybe you are even the same size as one of them.


Seong hwa

The oldest idol in ATEEZ, Seong Hwa is 1 meter 78 centimeters, wow! The idol is quite tall, how small do you look next to him?


ATEEZ leader Hongjoong is 1 meter 72 centimeters, he is a little shorter than Seonghwa, do you think this idol is tall?


ATEEZ’s Yunho is very tall, as he is 1 meter 85 centimeters, how amazing! He is taller than the Latin American average for boys and girls: 0.


ATEEZ has amazing singers and dancers, one of them is Yeosang, this amazing idol is 1 meter 73 centimeters, he is only one centimeter taller than Hongjoong: 0.


1 meter and 76 centimeters tall San from ATEEZ, this great artist who has fallen in love with the hearts of millions of fans who are part of ATINY, can you imagine next to Choi San?


ATEEZ’s Mingi is 1 meter 83 centimeters tall, she is one of the tallest members of this boy band, although no one has beaten Yunho in height yet.


Wooyoung is a great idol in his boy band, as a member of ATEEZ he always gives his best in the studio and on stage; Do you know how tall he is? His height is 1 meter and 73 centimeters, he is the same as Yeosang.


Now you know a little more about ATEEZ and their idols, you can imagine yourself next to all of them and how small or altx you would be with these artists.