ATEEZ cancels concert in Spain and European tour due to Coronavirus


ATEEZ cancels concert in Spain and European tour due to Coronavirus. Following rumors of their upcoming activities, the band confirmed that their events will be canceled until further notice.

The coronavirus continues to plague the world and the spread of this disease is not only a matter of global concern, but it has also wreaked havoc on the economy and even the artistic world. .

Thousands of events have been canceled in the past few weeks and K-Pop has failed to escape it. On this occasion, the band ATEEZ decided to save the lives of their fans and cancel their European tour . We tell you everything we know.

Following the outbreak of new cases of coronavirus in Europe , the government of several countries has begun to take action in this regard, canceling various events that may be a danger of the spread of COVID-19. on the continent.

Such was the case in Spain , where the government of that country issued a statement declaring that all those events that brought together more than a thousand people, would be canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus .

This sparked rumors that ATEEZ could cancel the concert that it would offer on March 14 in Madrid . A few days before the event took place, the band confirmed that this show, as well as their entire European tour ‘ The Fellowship: Map The Treasure ‘, will be postponed due to the coronavirus and new dates will be announced once the situation improves. .


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