ATEEZ Best Songs That Have Become More Famous


ATEEZ best songs that have become more famous. What is your favorite ATEEZ song? Maybe one of the best in the band.

ATEEZ is a K-Pop group that has managed to position themselves in the industry and accumulate a good number of fans that support and admire them around the world, do you know what their best songs are?

In 2018 an amazing fourth generation K-Pop band debuted, ATEEZ that was previously called KQ Fellaz but changed their name to a better one and after training their idols, they were ready to dominate the stage and show their best. in every presentation.

On October 24, 2018, ATEEZ released their first production, ‘ Treasure EP.1: All To Zero ‘ and the following day they performed their first performance for television on the South Korean network Mnet; Thus began the history of this K-Pop group that today has fans all over the planet, their fandom called ATINY is responsible for showing all their love, support, and admiration for their favorite idols.

Do you want to know the best ATEEZ songs? His catalog of songs is extensive but some of his compositions have become more popular than others, according to this popularity they have positioned themselves as the best.


I’m the one

On the album ‘Zero: Fever Part.2’ we can enjoy the song ‘I’m The One, one of the most popular by ATEEZ thanks to the talents of each of the idols and their rhythms and beats that put us at a dance.

Is this one of your favorite ATEEZ songs?


‘Thanxx’ is a song from the album ‘Zero: Fever Part 1’ where the idols of ATEEZ put all their passion and dedication for music and with incredible beats and rhythms as well as a lyric that also complements, they delighted the world with this theme.

You will not be able to stop listening to this incredible song.


ATEEZ’s music can soak you like a wave with their song ‘Wave’, which we can find on their album ‘TREASURE EP.3: One To All’; the official MV on YouTube already has more than 55 million views, which confirms its popularity,

A great song that will make you wish for a trip to the beach.


On the album ‘ Into the A to Z ‘ by ATEEZ we find the song ‘ Inception ‘, with an MV, released on July 29, 2020, that today has more than 62 million views on YouTube .

Is ‘Inception’ one of your favorite ATEEZ songs?


‘Answer’ is a very popular ATEEZ song that ATINY loves without losing a detail of the beats, vocals, and choreography in this excellent composition where the idols show all their talents.

Can you imagine hearing this song at a concert?


On the ATEEZ release ‘Treasure EP.End: All to Action’, there is ‘Wonderland’, the song that could be known as the best of the band as it is the most popular and listened to on digital platforms.

What’s your favorite ATEEZ song? They have many more than we can enjoy, but these are the most popular.

Did you know that ATEEZ danced to a BTS song? The standard idols did the ‘Permission to Dance Challenge’.


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