Atari Signed Partnership with Litecoin Foundation


Legendary video game maker Atari said he signed a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation in an announcement on May 19.

Litecoin and Atari Join Their Forces
In fact, Atari has managed to collect $ 514,000, that is, about 74.19 Bitcoins, from the pre-sales process of its ICO to this date. The fund is known to be mostly from partner companies, and thanks to its new partnership, Atari will both be able to accept donations with Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ether, as well as enabling players to pay directly for the upcoming Video Computer System (VCS) initiative.

It is stated that the main goal of Atari and Litecoin Foundation partnership is to reinforce the common points between crypto and gaming communities and enable communities to benefit from each other. Atari CEO Frederic Chesnais said in a statement about the issue that Litecoin has a large community and they hope to achieve a good overlap between the two communities.

Stating that people can benefit from and benefit from Litecoin special discounts, CEO stated that this is a fantastic connection for the players.


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