Atari plans to launch new games for the PC and modern consoles


Atari was once one of the biggest names in video games in the world but, since the industry crash in the 1980s, it ended up losing a lot of space. However, a press release issued by the producer reveals its intention to create a new game division!

The idea is to launch titles for consoles and computers tailored to the modern era, revitalizing the company’s classic intellectual properties in order to make them “immediately rewarding, featuring meaningful single player campaigns, in addition to multiplayer online and on the couch at home.”

Free to play games for mobile phones remained in the company’s sights, but the new games division wants to expand the retro market on even more fronts. “We want to prioritize long-term growth and a continuous flow of money by focusing on games and licensing.”

Can we expect great games from Atari in the coming years? Do you have any optimism for the future of the company? What were her favorite games of hers? Comment below!