At the last moment: UEFA has accepted the Fenerbahce championship!


Breaking news: Fenerbahce club has applied to TFF to count championships until 1959.

Although the federation has not yet made a statement on this, UEFA has made a lightning move.

UEFA has set the start date of the Turkish Championship as 1924.

Metin Sipahioglu, the former manager of Fenerbahce, dropped like a bomb on the agenda with his shares.

As it will be remembered; As Fenerbahçe, in our application to the TFF, we stated that the NATIONAL Championships in Turkey began to be held by the TFF in 1924, and we requested the registration of NATIONAL Championships before the year 59.

No, those who said they were regional were also known!!

2) UEFA on its own website;

In a recent document describing the history of Turkish football;

In Turkey, he officially announced that he had set the START DATE of the Turkish NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS held by TFF itself as 1924.

3) Summary; UEFA, in an official publication and a document published on its website;

A year after the creation of TFF in 1923, as we claimed;

In 1924, TURKEY officially announced the beginning of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!
Now the ball is in the TFF (!)