At Fall Guys, their developers believe it’s impossible


Several people achieve the Fall Guys Infallible trophy, which its creators thought no one would do and which proposes to win 5 games in a row in the battle royale.

Winning a game in a battle royale is never easy. And less in games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, where luck also plays an important role. In the famous party game of Mediatonic and Devolver Digital you have to have a bit of fortune in the initial draw, where the starting positions are distributed, but also when teams are made and when you play tests such as “The doors of success” . For this reason, each victory is worth celebrating in Neptuno, Cibeles or Canaletas. And at the same time, for that reason there are many players who are outraged by one of the game’s trophies.

This is Infallible, a gold trophy that requires winning 5 games in a row and that opens a gulf between us and the platinum Fall Guys. According to PSN Profiles, only 62 people have achieved it, 0.36% of the total. On Steam, things go further and the game’s statistics indicate that no one has it yet. We are facing a challenge at the height of a select few and there have been users who have even asked Mediatonic to change and lower the requirements. However, Joe Walsh, the main developer of the battle royale, does not seem for the work. In fact, in a Q&A with the Reddit community, Walsh has admitted that he is surprised that he directly thought that no one would ever achieve that trophy. He believes that the players are getting better than he expected and that there is little reason to make it even easier then.

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Although 62 people may seem like a lot when you consider that the game was released less than a week ago, the numbers for Fall Guys indicate otherwise. More than one and a half million players tried the title during the first 24 hours after its launch and in the following days peaks of up to 76,000 simultaneous people have been reached on Steam. Its success is such that it already has a first plagiarism, Fall Gang: KnockOut, which blatantly copies the proposal and aesthetics of the game, and has even made the creators of Fall Guys joke about it. We will see in the next few days what else surprises us with “the Yellow Humor in the world of video games”, which we remind you can be downloaded for free with PS Plus.


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