Asus Wants To Extend Windows 11 Support To Older PCs


Manufacturer Asus is willing to expand the list of PC components that will be compliant with Microsoft’s requirements for the official Windows 11 update.

According to the website Windows Latest, the brand is looking for BIOS updates so that some motherboards, running from Intel processors older than those specified by Microsoft, will also be able to install the platform without problems.

The latest addition is the update for Z270 boards, compatible with Intel 6th Generation and 7th Generation chips — both not included in Microsoft’s original minimum specification list. As part of the strategy, some firmware with support for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 was released last month.

not for everyone

Microsoft recently confirmed that it should not limit Windows 11 updates to older PCs, but this process should be done through alternative means and without the guarantee of receiving features such as security updates.

In addition, non-compatible models were removed from the platform’s test list after a controversial decision by the brand.


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