ASUS Prepares to Launch Mini Version of Zenfone


Aiming to increase the income of the smartphone segment, ASUS is doing various studies for this purpose. One of these efforts, allegedly, is about releasing the Zenfone’s Mini version.

Although smartphones are not the main area of ​​recognition, ASUS is one of the prominent actors of this market. Planning to increase its earnings from the smartphone market, ASUS is working on different projects for this purpose.

According to Taiwanese news site DigiTimes, ASUS has more than one study. One of the most striking among them is a mini smartphone that does not have to worry about carrying flagship features. Although the exact features are not known, it is estimated that this device will be Zenfone 8 Mini.

In recent years, the screen size of smartphones has been getting bigger. Now we can see screens larger than 6.5 inches. The sizes of many models, which were described as “tray like phones” in the early days of smart phones, are now considered normal. Still, customers haven’t lost interest in more compact phones. This increases the number of mini series.

Reportedly, ASUS will also introduce the new ROG Phone 5 in April. The release dates of new smartphones will be announced in March. It is claimed that the ROG Phone 5 will have a Snapdragon 888 processor and will be released with a higher price tag than the previous model.

More details about the new smartphones have not been disclosed. It is certain that we will hear more about the release dates of the devices. Listings will give information about the phones especially before their launch.

Are mini models successful?

Although there are consumers who are interested in more compact models, it is not possible to say that this market is very active. For example, Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini is a much more compact model with a 5.4-inch screen, but only 6% of sales belonged to this model.

According to the latest rumors in the mini market, Sony is also preparing a mini version for the Xpera. Let’s see how mini smartphones that cannot reach the expected point in iOS will perform on Android.


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