Asus Player Mouse with Analog Sticks: ROG Chakram


Asus has unveiled its new mouse ROG Chakram at CES 2020 events, offering many personalization options for gamers. The mouse has wireless charging support and has an analog stick that can be assigned 4 keys at a time.

One of the most interesting products in CES 2020 was Asus’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) mouse, which was announced last year and offers a wide range of features. ROG Chakram has been designed as a player mouse to give players flexibility with customizable features.

The ROG Chakram has a small analogue stick on the side that you can control with your thumb. In fact, this concept offers years of experience similar to analog sticks on the game consoles’ controllers. In the analog stick of the Chakram you can assign functions in four directions. This allows you to access more options with a single button.

Chakram supports wireless charging and is compatible with the Qi standard, unlike most competitors. In other words, wireless chargers used to charge smartphones can be used in this mouse. The wireless mouse, which supports both Bluetooth and RF, can be connected via a USB-C cable. Asus promises 79 hours of use on a single charge.

The DPI of the mouse can be upgraded up to 16,000 and is designed to be easily adjusted. At the bottom of the ROG Chakram is a special button that allows you to change the sensitivity with the scroll wheel when held down for a few seconds. There are also removable magnetic parts on the mouse that allow you to change Omron keys for the main keys or add your own custom ROG design.

Asus ROG Chakram price
ROG Chakram seems to be a solid player equipment that has several remarkable features compared to its competitors. Asus will launch its new mouse for about $ 150 later this month.


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