Asus May Launch an RTX 3070 GPU in Partnership With Noctua


Asus: This Wednesday (4), documents were found at the Eurasian Economic Union (EEC) that suggest the arrival of a new video card developed by Asus in partnership with Noctua, which is famous for working with cooling solutions. The registrations, carried out with the aim of protecting the brands’ intellectual property, detail that the new GPU model will be an RTX 3070, from Nvidia’s Ampere family.

Known for its distinctive “chocolate” color palette, Noctua is an Austrian company specializing in the cooling of electronic components. In this context, it is possible to assume that it would be responsible for the development of the cooling system for the new GPU, while Asus would dedicate itself to the design of its PCB — in case the supposed partnership gets out of hand.

However, it is noteworthy that the new registration with the EEC is not necessarily an indication that the companies will launch a product together. The document may have been approved only to establish the intention of making a partnership in the future, without a forecast of making its result available to the consumer.

So far, there are no other confirmed details about the supposedly new RTX 3070 from Asus and Noctua. Thus, it is not possible to confirm whether the model will have a wind or water-based cooling system, nor whether its look will have the traditional color scheme of the Austrian brand.

On the other hand, as explained by the website VideoCardz, rumors about a partnership between Asus and Noctua have been circulating on the internet since the end of last July. The HWcooling website even got in touch with the responsible of the brands to clarify the case, however, it did not get a definitive answer.

In the message in question, the head of one of the companies just replied to the site: “I’m sorry, but I can’t comment on this yet, but I hope to do so soon.” It remains to wait for Asus’ position on the case.


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