Asus Introduces 75% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ROG Azoth


Asus has just announced the ROG Azoth mechanical keyboard, the company’s first keyboard with a 75% form factor in its lineup.

The CES 2023 exhibition has begun, and with it a lot of announcements from the largest companies in the technology industry.

From Intel, which is releasing its 13th-generation processors for laptops, to rumors about Samsung, which is introducing a folding phone, the ads are interesting to everyone.

It also offers a lot of new peripherals, and Asus was one of the first to do this with its new 75% Republic of Gamers Azoth mechanical gaming keyboard.

Asus introduces the ROG Azoth 75 gaming keyboard%

The Asus ROG Azoth keyboard, similar to the ever-popular Keychron Q1, is the company’s first gaming keyboard with a 75% form factor.

It is equipped with an OLED display in the upper right corner with the ability to view animation, audio visualization or general system information, which you can configure using a three-position knob built into the side of the board.

In addition, Asus ROG has created an Azoth with a silicone mount, three layers of foam and ROG NX switches to provide a high-quality feel and sound.

ROG NX switches are available in blue (Clicky and Tactile), Brown (Ultra Tactile) and Red (Linear and Swift) colors. They all use the standard Cherry MX rod to accommodate your favorite key caps.

The functions don’t end there, ASUS also managed to squeeze in 2.4GHz and Bluetooth wireless along with wired USB mode.

Asus hasn’t released availability or price information yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know if they do in the coming days.


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