ASUS Announces: ROG Phone 2 Will Be Out of Stock for a Time Due to Corona Virus


The Corona virus outbreak hit global brands producing in China. Taiwan-based hardware and smartphone maker ASUS has announced that ROG Phone 2 will be out of stock for a while due to the Corona virus.

The Corona virus outbreak in China has been infected by more than 14,500 people so far. Countries in the USA, Europe and Asia have begun to make new arrangements to block visitors from China. The concern caused by the Corona virus also harms the global supply chain.

Since China is the world’s largest exporter of products, the lack of imports from China seriously affects world trade. The outbreak forces multinational companies to close shops and offices in the country. Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer ASUS is also aware of the supply shortage caused by this crisis. The company recently announced that ROG Phone 2 will be out of stock for a while.

“We know you are excited to have ROG Phone 2. While it has been stable for a long time, ROG Phone 2 will face a temporary supply shortage due to the deterioration in the supply chain caused by the situation in Asia.” You can be sure that we are working hard to keep your favorite player smartphone back in stock. We will inform you. Thanks for your patience! ” statements took place.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 is now seen as out of stock on the company’s official retail partner, Flipkart. However, the device is still sold by third party vendors on shopping sites like Amazon. At this time, no information was given about when the device would be in stock again.

The concept of ‘player phone’ came into our lives after the games expected more hardware than phones, and ASUS ROG Phone 2 is also among these phones. ROG Phone 2’s high-speed screen refresh feature and powerful hardware offer users a better and smoother gaming experience.


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