ASUS announces Chromebox with cooling system


Two months after making Chormebox 4 official, ASUS surprised everyone by making the Fanless model available, whose main differentials is the fact that it has antennas, a cooling system, as well as Intel’s 10th generation processors.

It is visually very different from the Chromeboxes that have already been announced by the company, giving the user access to a format close to that found on the company’s routers, for example, since it has two antennas to make the signal can be broadcast to different sources with ease.

That’s because the company added support for up to 3 screens in 4K resolution, something that ends up being interesting for those who like to have an even more versatile use experience. It also has a pass-through cooling system, which consists of a fan without noise that leaves the thermal performance stable in any environment.

Regarding connectivity, at the front it has USB-A ports, a headphone connector, an on / off button and a microSD card slot. In the rear, the Taiwanese added two HDMI ports, one USB-C and three more USB-A, in addition to a LAN input and connectors for the antennas and the power supply.

In terms of performance, ASUS introduced some processor options, such as the Intel Celeron 5205U and the 10th generation line, which includes Core i3-10110U and Core i7-10510U. In storage it has options of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB, while the RAM reaches up to 16 GB.

Despite having already shown the device’s look and technical specifications, ASUS has not yet revealed the price, nor the period when there will be availability to purchase the product.

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