ASUS announced NVIDIA RTX 30 Series graphics cards!


Recently, Nvidia announced its new RTX 30 series graphics cards. Graphics cards, which attract attention with their performance, have already been appreciated by users. ASUS, one of the first manufacturers to come to mind when it comes to graphics cards, announced three new Nvidia RTX graphics card models. Here are all the curious details!

ASUS, ROG Strix, TUF Gaming and Dual models appeared!

The RTX 30 series, which is expected to be announced for a long time, is now in our midst. ASUS, one of the graphics card manufacturers, announced the ROG Strix graphics card series, which stands out with its brand new features. When you look at the design compared to the previous models, it does not go unnoticed that there are differences.

ROG Strix series, which draws attention with its metal structure, welcomes its users with three customized fans. These fans have axis technology. When looking at this series of graphics cards, which are ambitious about cooling, the ARGB section does not go unnoticed.

Looking at the back of the graphics card, we are greeted by a metal backplate with a ventilation opening. This metal structure, which provides easy transmission of hot air, will provide a great advantage in long-term use.

ASUS has also made many improvements on TUF Gaming. This graphics card series seems to have been redesigned to prevent cooling problems experienced in the previous series. ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 30 series with a metal front cover will delight users with cooling. In addition, there are three axis technology fans on this graphics card. These optimized fans do not work at low temperatures and highlight their longevity.

The Dual series, which attracts attention with its affordable price, has also been improved. This series, which brings together the latest architecture of Nvidia in its purest form, does not go unnoticed.

Advanced cooling technology is also included in this graphics card series. Unlike other series, ASUS Dual series, which has two fans, will satisfy its users with its cooling performance. These graphics cards, which have an aluminum back plate and stainless steel input and output slots, stand out with their durability.


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