Asus Admits Failure On ROG Maximus Z690 Motherboard And Will Recall


Asus acknowledged this Thursday (30) the existence of a flaw in the ROG Maximus Z690 motherboard, after several reports on the internet realizing that the product had problems and could even catch fire, in some cases. The company also stated that it will exchange the defective models.

The first reports of a defect in the Asus ROG Maximus Z690 motherboard surfaced last week on Reddit, citing error codes, crashes and small fires in the product, leading to components melting. Complaints continued after Christmas, with new posts appearing mainly in North America.

Afterwards, the Taiwanese manufacturer recognized the flaw and pointed to a possible cause, when carrying out an initial investigation. In contact with Tom’s Hardware, the company said that a “problem in the memory capacitor” on the board, present in certain lots, may have led to the occurrences described by users on the social network.

This defect may not do anything, but there is also a chance it could result in debug error code 53 or end up causing damage to the device’s components, according to the company. The issue potentially affects boards manufactured in 2021 with part number 90MB18E0-MVAAY0 and serial number starting with MA, MB or MC.

Recall starts soon

Owners of the ROG Maximus Z690 motherboard can check the serial number and part number on the product packaging, as shown in the image above. If the item is among those affected, the recommendation is not to use it until the company replaces it with a new model, at no additional cost.

Asus said it will start the recall soon, with users having to contact the manufacturer to confirm the exchange. The affected lots were only sold in the United States, according to the company, but there is a possibility that they were exported to other countries.