ASTRO’s Sanha Will Act In The New Drama Crazy Love, When To See It?


‘Crazy Love’ will be a new drama where we can see ASTRO’s Sanha, when does it premiere? ASTRO idols are magnificent actors, some of them already have a career in various dramas, like Sanha who already has a new project, it’s about ‘Crazy Love’.

We were able to see Sanha of ASTRO in various K-Dramas like ‘Love Formula 11M’ , ‘Revenge Note’ and ‘Soul Plate’ , besides being an excellent idol to sing and dance in their group of K-Pop , also has great talents for acting and his career within this discipline is expanding more and more.

This year, Sanha will have a new project, it is the new drama ‘Crazy Love’ that will take us through the story of a man who pretends to have amneasia after they tell him that they will end his life and a woman who pretends to be his fiancĂ©e by Knowing that he does not have much time left in this world, will they fall in love before death overtakes them?

Kim Jae Wook and Krystal of f (x) will be the protagonists of this drama where we will also see Yoon San Ha , this romantic story will have all these talents and no one will want to miss an episode , will it be long before its premiere ?


There is no exact date for the premiere of ‘Crazy Love’ , the next drama where we will see ASTRO’s Sanha , but it is estimated that it will be in February 2022 when we can finally see this series and know everything about its plot and characters that surely they will captivate the hearts of the public.

So this K-Drama is still in production and we will have to wait a little longer to see Sanha’s great talent again in a South Korean series .


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