ASTRO’s Rocky And JinJin Reveal The Secrets Of Their Restore Album


Rocky and JinJin surprised AROHA with their collaboration for the Restore mini album, ASTRO idols worked very hard for this album, so they talk about how the process was.

JinJin and Rocky belong to the rap line of the K-Pop group ASTRO, their skills are not limited only to dancing and singing, but they are also great writers and composers, they have even worked together for some of the group’s songs.

That is why this collaboration was so expected, because their fans were eager to see their solo work. And without a doubt, they achieved a spectacular album, so here we will tell you some secrets that it keeps.


In an interview Rocky and JinJin talked about some secrets that their Restore album keeps. One of the revelations that surprised AROHA the most was that the original lyrics of Just Breath did not say “I can’t dream of going on vacation” but it was going to say “I can’t dream of dating”, a sentiment that they both share.

JJ also confessed that it only took him 4 hours to write the lyrics for Lazy, since it was about himself. While Rocky came clean and said that he was so nervous about filming CPR that he couldn’t sleep, the reason was that he wanted to do it perfectly, because at last he had the chance to sing a full song.


The two boys were very happy to have worked together, JJ said that when he feels overwhelmed seeing Rocky’s passion for work it encourages him to keep going, plus it calms him down a bit.

On the other hand, Rocky stated that JinJin is very nice but when he is working his charisma makes him look very sexy. While JJ said that Rocky may seem like a very smiling and energetic person, but when he is working he is very detail oriented and doesn’t let anything slide.