Astro’s first headset for mobile gamers!


Astro Gaming, affiliated with Logitech, introduced the first wired and in-ear headset for mobile gamers. We are witnessing the incredible rise of mobile games in this period. In this context, equipment for mobile players is also beginning to diversify. While Astro often meets users with on-ear headphones, now he decides to follow a different path. The Astro A03 headset comes across at this point. So, how are the Astro mobile gaming headset features?

Astro mobile gaming headset features

Specially designed for mobile and console games, the A03 model uses two separate drivers. Thanks to these, the headphone, which is said to be different from traditional headphones, is conveyed that one of the drivers focuses on the bass sounds and the other on the middle and high sounds. Thanks to this architecture, every detail of the sound environments in the game can be revealed.

Astro A03 headset-astro-mobile-player-headset-features-00
These headphones, which do not have much design details, come in two color options. One is the cable is white and the details are purple, the other is the cable is dark blue and the details are red. The biggest advantage of this headset is that it works in harmony with all platforms.

The Astro A03 headset, which appeals to mobile gamers, has a 3.5 mm output so it is particularly compatible with all existing platforms such as PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, as well as Android and iOS devices. It can also be converted from USB-C or Lightning to 3.5 mm. The price of the headset is $ 49.99.


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