Astronomical payment from Google to French media


It has been revealed how the Google News Showcase, which has started to offer a new interface for the Google news application, will follow in France. A few days ago, a significant amount of money will be paid to French newspapers for the new interface that added publishers from countries such as England and Argentina.

Google, $ 76 million to French media for news app

The new interface News Showcase, developed for the Google news application, has been developed to enable users to access news much more easily. This new interface, which is needed especially with the increase of mobile usage, creates new opportunities for media organizations.

In fact, Google News Showcase does not have a payment model for news organizations. However, pressure from Australia and then France seems to have pushed Google to this path.

Under French law, Google had to pay royalties for news, and will pay $ 76 million to 121 French news organizations within three years. Between these payments. Payments range from $ 1.3 million annually for large organizations like Le Monde to $ 13,741 for a local weekly newspaper like La Voix de la Haute Marne.

In fact, Google has been resisting such payments for many years. Earlier in 2014, Spain asked organizations to pay for the news listed within the Google news app. Google responded by disabling the news in Spain.

Finally, the Australian government made a decision that the media outlets should also be paid. Google again put the withdrawal card on the table. However, this agreement with France seems to change the entire process.


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