Astronomers Think One of the Important Mysteries of the Universe Has Been Solved


A magnetar in the Milky Way Galaxy may have responded to a problem that has been engaged in astronomers for many years. It seems that the fast radio blasts are now caused by magnetars.

We can define the concept of Magnetar as a kind of neutron star that provides the radiant energy from its magnetic field. On April 28, 2020, a magnetar called SGR 1935 + 2154, located 30,000 light years away, experienced a huge but millisecond radio wave burst recorded by observatories around the world. The radio burst from this dead star was such that it was noticeable even from other galaxies. X-ray observatories around the world also detected the bright X-ray wave.

The SGR 1935 + 2154 magnetar may have answered a question that has been engaged in astronomers for years. Although the studies on this explosion are still at an early stage, astronomers finally think that they have obtained important data on the source of the mysterious event called the fast radio explosion (FRB). Shrinivas Kulkarni, an astronomer who works on one of the teams that detected the radio signal, states that the origin of FRBs is in magnetars is clear.

Others emit 500 million more energy than the Sun:
Fast radio bursts remain one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. These are very powerful radio signals from the depths of space, galaxies millions of light years away. They are so powerful that some of them can release large amounts of energy than the 500 million Sun. The biggest ‘flaw’ of these radio signals is that they end up in a millionth of a second. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict and understand when fast radio blasts will occur.

One of the theses suggested about the origin of these radio explosions was the magnetars. Magnetars are actually neutron stars made up of a rather dense core residue that occurs only after the supernova of a massive star. However, magnetars have a magnetic field about 1,000 times stronger than ordinary neutron stars. We do not yet understand how they achieved this power, but this has an interesting effect on the star. As the gravitational force tries to hold the star together, the shape of the star is deformed due to the strength of the magnetic field. Therefore, the potential difference between the two gravitational forces (gravity and magnetic attraction) leads to huge star earthquakes and huge magnetar flames.

FRB detection from a magnetar in our own galaxy is the first. What allows us to detect this is both the huge radio burst that is released and the X-ray that accompanies it in response. We have never seen this type of X-ray in fast radio bursts that we have observed outside our own galaxy.


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