Astronaut, photograph of São Paulo’s coastline from space


An astronaut from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) last Thursday (27) released a photo of the south of Ilhabela, a coastal city in São Paulo. The record was made directly from the International Space Station (ISS) by Chris Cassidy, who shared the feat on his personal Twitter.

The American was sent to the ISS in April, along with two other Russian astronauts. They take off from the launch pad of Baikonur, Kazakhstan. This mission is expected to last six months.

With her publication, Cassidy attracted the attention of Brazilian Internet users, especially the residents of Ilhabela, who also decided to share photos of the place – this time, with a terrestrial perspective. Check it out below:

Air leak on the ISS

Despite the relaxed moment, the astronaut and the other crew of the International Space Station are facing some challenges. In a statement on the 20th, NASA reported an air leak in some ISS booths.

With that, the crew of the American segment will be transferred to the Russian service module Zvezda, managed by the Russian Federal Space Agency (better known as Roscosmos).

In the statement, NASA clarified that the leak does not threaten the safety of astronauts and that some of the air in the station’s cabins could leak over time. So, to ensure that this does not affect the conditions of the environment, routine processes of pressurizing nitrogen tanks are carried out.

New investigations

However, in September 2019, signs of an unusual increase in the volume of these leaks were identified – which became even more intense according to the latest data collected.

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“All space station hatches will be closed this weekend so that mission controllers can carefully monitor the air pressure in each module,” says the agency. The forecast of the specialists is that the preliminary results will be released until next Friday (12).


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