Astro Playroom on PS5, a love letter to Playstation


The first phase of Astro Playroom serves to see the potential of the technology incorporated into the new PS5 controller.

Consoles with a built-in game by default are one of those nostalgic things that we didn’t count on when we thought of a new generation of machines in the middle of 2020. It seemed something anchored in the past, like when our Master System started without any cartridge and “magically “That Alex Kidd appeared to invite us into his colorful world. In the case of Playstation 5, Astro Playroom is not only something to ensure that our brand new € 500 console does not enter home without a new game to put in our mouths, but it also presents us with the “best” possible tutorial on the machine that we just purchased and its DualSense controller, plus a celebration of all that is the history of Playstation.

Astro Playroom is a conventional 3D platform based on the idea of ​​exploring the inside of a Playstation 5, in a fantastic and friendly version of it inhabited by hundreds of “Astros” and some malicious bug that must be crushed. Far from being a mere technical demo or an insubstantial hobby, we are talking about a game with all the laws and with enough crumb to entertain your good hours. Of the four main areas, we can only talk about one of them: “refreshing waters”, a world that alternates between vacation beaches and cold icy settings that come to represent the cooling system of the console.

Gateway to PS5

This initial dip helps us to understand the basics of the game: jump, hit the bugs that try to annoy us the day, the ability to float for a few seconds thanks to our booster and a long list of complementary actions based on the area you are in. . There is a lot of toy in our environment and we are invited to explore it at our leisure, just for the fun of it. For example, at the beginning of the level we see a group of Astros trying to surf in the water and an unused board, floating in the water. If curiosity overcomes us, we can swim there and get on to, indeed, see our Astro trying to bravely balance on it. For the purposes of the game it is completely irrelevant and it is not that we can surf as such, but only the fact that this detail was present, that the necessary animations have been created to make it possible speaks a lot and good about the ASOBI team, who we already know his good work thanks to the excellent Astro Bot.

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The game is not a graphic tour de force, the environments are quite simplistic and not very overloaded, but that does not mean that it is very pleasant to watch; 4K, 60 FPS with HDR, beautiful water effects and a clear visual style, full of small details that flourish as soon as you pay attention. The amount of historical elements that has been collected from the history of Playstation is particularly striking: peripherals, references … we can explore the set and discover things like a 3D reproduction of the peripheral that turned Move into a submachine gun for Resistance, or perfect reproductions of previous controls and peripherals such as the EyeToy. There are dozens of similar details and trophies in the form of all kinds of hardware associated with the history of the console.


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