Astounding Optical Illusion That Will Lose Your Sense Confidence (Video)


A famous optical illusion called the Ames window shows how foolish our senses are. A YouTube channel called Curiosity Show takes the Ames window a step further and literally burns the brain.

Optical illusions are loved by almost all people for deceiving our brains and bewildering creatures. These illusions, which mislead our perception of reality, actually contain simple applications behind them.

One of the best known optical illusions is the Ames window. When the Ames window is rotated, it appears as if moving back and forth. In the video of Ames window published on Curiosity Show Youtube channel, illusion is taken one step further.

In the Ames window video published on the Curiosity Show, a pencil is placed in the Ames window. When the Ames window is started to be rotated with the pen in a hint, the illusion of the Ames window, which deceives the sensory organs, prevents the brain from perceiving the rotation of the pen.

Before the optical illusion of the Ames window published at the Curiosity Show, it is explained step by step how to create the Ames window. You can make this amazing optical illusion by using the video to create your own Ames window.

Brain-burning Ames window video:


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