Astonishing Video of Water Hose in the Gulf of Mexico


The 6 water hoses emerging side by side in the Gulf of Mexico both fascinate the power of nature and terrify people. The tornadoes herald hurricane Marco that is expected to hit the Gulf of Mexico.

The US National Weather Service stated on Monday (today) August 24 that a tropical storm named Marco could hit Louisiana, one of the states on the south coast of the USA. But before Marco, two separate storms came across on the shores of Louisiana, and a magnificent natural phenomenon emerged that was both delightful and terrifying to watch.

The storms that confronted the Louisiana shores of the Gulf of Mexico caused the formation of 6 water hoses very close to each other. The tornadoes, which present scenes as if taken from a disaster Hollywood movie, offer both a visual feast and a terrifying scene.

The emergence of the tornadoes away from the shore ensured that there was no loss of life and property during the natural disaster in question. Yet, as the hurricane season is about to begin in the US, authorities have begun to warn locals to be prepared for natural disasters.

In climates with a tropical climate and suitable for extreme weather events, weird but interesting events such as 6 hoses close to each other can occur. In the previous period, 11 lightning strikes in the US state of Texas at the same place in 8 seconds, it was reported that a lightning bolt recorded in Brazil in 2018 was the longest lightning in the world with a length of approximately 709 kilometers.

Video showing 6 hoses side by side in the Gulf of Mexico

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