Aston Martin to Replace AMG V8 with Its Hybrid V6 Engine


Aston Martin will replace Mercedes-AMG’s V8 engine with its own solution. The automaker will use its own hybrid V6 engine in its vehicles.

Mercedes-AMG’s decision to remove the V8 engine from use pushed Aston Martin to seek an alternative solution. The V8 engine that powers Aston Martin’s Vantage, DB11 and new DBX models will be replaced by a hybrid V6 engine.

Andy Palmer, CEO of the British automaker, has confirmed that the new V6 engine will replace the AMG’s V8. “Mercedes has not provided any information on where the engine technologies are moving, and frankly, we do not expect the Astons to have four-cylinder engines. That’s why we will go our own way,” Palmer said. said.

Aston Martin does not have expertise in V6 engine development, but Palmer believes that the company’s engineers will ensure that the engine has the proper features. Hybrid technologies will be an important part of the project.

Aston Martin’s decision to stop the development of electric Lagonda models allowed the company to give priority to the development of the new engine. Although it is not known for now how much power the new system can produce with internal combustion and hybrid components, Palmer stated that the total power will be at least as good as that produced by the V8.

Palmer also confirmed that the supercar maker will continue to use V12 engines. Aston Martin will move the production of the V12 from Cologne to England, where the new V6 will also be installed.

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