Asteroid larger than the football field near Earth today


Asteroid 2020 QL2, a large space rock considered potentially dangerous, will pass close to Earth on Monday (14), according to information from NASA. According to the space agency, the object is over 120 meters in diameter and is one of the largest ever classified under its designation NEO.

NEO, which stands for Object Near Earth, includes all types of objects (asteroids, comets, meteoroids) whose orbit intersects the orbit of our planet.

What worries about the gigantic asteroid is the time of its detection. According to a report by Express UK, the 2020 QL2 was only spotted for the first time on August 14 and then on September 3, that is, less than two weeks from its nearest point of distance.

The asteroid 2020 QL2

The asteroid’s estimated speed is almost 38,620 km / h and is expected to pass, according to estimates, a distance of 6.8 million kilometers from Earth. The current measurement reveals that the QL2 travels at 10.5 kilometers per second.

Although, due to its speed and size, the asteroid is considered “potentially dangerous”, NASA guarantees that the chances of the rock reaching the Earth are almost zero, because if it continues its current trajectory, it will pass a distance of about ten times the distance between the Moon and the Earth (384.4 thousand kilometers).


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