Assetto Corsa Competizione, análisis Xbox One


Xbox One and PS4 receive the adaptation of Assetto Corsa Competizione, the official video game of the GT World Challenge. A pretty poor port by all accounts.

While it is true that there are a multitude of titles that address the genre of driving, few are those that take pleasure in reflecting the exact handling of the cars that we got on. Thus, soon, we could talk about Gran Turismo or the best yet —in this field— Project Cars 2. Beyond these candidates, there are lolailos, but they are not as polished in their different sections as the two mentioned.

Now and after a while cooking on the stove of the d3t studio, Assetto Corsa Competizione arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the text that you will read below is the analysis dedicated to the first platform. We start engines!

A little history

Assetto Corsa Competizione was launched in May 2019 for computers. It contains the official competition of the Blancpain GT Series, now renamed the GT World Challenge. We are talking about a video game quite cut in content with respect to the mother game, Assetto Corsa, but it does not need it to be executed. That is, it is a new title, not an expansion or downloadable content.

Our colleague Alejandro Castillo was able to tell you about it a year ago in the following text, so basically everything explained there at the time can be included in this version, but with quite a few differences in the technical aspects that we will tell you about later. The main asset of the video game is, without a doubt, its perfect harmony with the vehicles contained in the program. The simulation is delightful and, along with laser scanning of the circuits, it is very difficult to find out but the sensations we experience on the asphalt. On the other hand, unfortunately, we are not going to see anything beyond what the GT World Challenge collects so, in content, there is not much more fun than the championship can offer.

The competitive online, just as it happened with the version for computers, continues being as strange and weighing down the problems that we were commenting on in its analysis for what those responsible little or nothing have done to improve this section. It’s a shame because a good simulation title with a well-built online is the basis of this genre, with constant pikes, a lot of sportsmanship and worn tires until you beat your rival’s time.

A disaster

Now, do the aforementioned sensations translate perfectly into consoles? Decidedly not. And it is for various reasons. If we play with a controller it is not far from the controls that we can see in other games. It is clear that the sensitivity is not the best and that the control, in the end, is a little more limited than if we play with a steering wheel, the logical option if we want to enjoy a driving simulator, but you can play with nuances. And with a steering wheel? Here things change and the reasons are several; input lag and horrible setup.

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If you decide to add a steering wheel as a peripheral to enjoy Assetto Corsa Competizione, arm yourself with nerves from the moment you plug in the USB because you are going to have problems in all its configuration areas. It may or may not detect the steering wheel, buttons, not save your settings or go, directly, disastrously wrong. When you have configured it, you have to jump to the track and check that the input lag that there is from when you turn the wheel until it is reflected on the screen is enormous. Or what is the same, it will take a couple of seconds for your car to obey you, which makes it unplayable.

A realistic driving title without a steering wheel is a title that we should get away from a little when we like fidelity so we can only enjoy it through the use of a control knob. The problem, in addition to the one explained a few paragraphs above, is that the technical part does not help at any time.

We refer to the terrible conversion that d3t has made with the console version where it has not only been cut visually but also in performance. It goes without saying that graphically it is one step lower than its namesake on PC, that quality has been sacrificed in textures, that the scenarios are somewhat empty or that the viewing distance is a bit rough … if that means that the game is going at constant 60fps . And as you can wait behind these lines, it is not. The video game runs at 900p resolution on Xbox One (1080p on PS4) with native 4K option if we play on Xbox One X (1800p rescaled on PS4 Pro) but all versions at 30fps. The problem, which in case the mentioned ones lower the hype a bit, is that they are not stable at all and it suffers from framepacing, so the gaming experience is horrible. Now add this problem to the available controls and the result is scarier than Brian Hugh Warner on stage.


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