Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has all the perfect open-world!


Assassin’s Creed is finally back on our consoles. And the firm seems to have learned from its previous mistakes. This time, Ubisoft has taken the time to fine-tune its game. They are therefore coming back in force with this new game which will be released in a few days I named: Valhalla.

And this time we’re changing the era. We are coming to the time of the Vikings. Nothing to do with what we have known in recent years. If you had already played the pirate with Black Flag, the viking is a first. And from what we see in the trailer, the graphics look crazy.

So here we are in the 9th century. We play Eivor, an orphan. Its goal ? Make your camps prosper in a Norway which is in the grip of various wars. But at one point, he takes on a new mission: to conquer England. Just that.

We are therefore far from the stories of assassins and templars in this installment of Assassin’s Creed. Then for once, new objectives are added. There is an air of Age of Empire in this game. Why ? Because from the start you will have to create your colony, a camp and make it thrive.


Then, Assassin’s Creed becomes a strategy game. You will therefore have to gradually create alliances on the island to conquer England. And everything will have to be thought through. And the open-world is pretty impressive. We must not be unemployed!

Small negative point: we lose here all the subtlety of the game of Assassin’s Creed. If in the other games you had to be as discreet as possible and kill cleanly, this is no longer the case. Valhalla is more brutal. We go there with big blows without thinking too much.

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Be careful not to lose the DNA of the game with this component. So some lifelong fans may be disappointed to lose the identity of this game they love so much.


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