Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, final impressions.


We tested a demo for more than 5 hours and completed one of the main story arcs of the video game. Norway, 9th century. Hunger consumes the people, worn out by war and death.

Years of battle and glory, of loot and severed heads. But in Odin’s house, things are not going well, so the Viking clan led by Eivor decides to set sail for other horizons. Their ships reach the shores of England, a territory already known to the Viking people, as it has been the target of invasions in the past and in the present. The goal now is to find a new home, a permanent settlement in hostile territory. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the new production from Ubisoft Montreal, introduces us to the skin of Eivor, the leader of his clan. Ax in hand he will make his way through the Christian world, always with his eyes fixed on Valhalla, death in battle, what every Viking wishes to walk among their gods.

The fall of the Roman Empire added its former provinces into the Dark Years, a time when some classical knowledge was destroyed, although historians converge on the idea that the gloom was not as unfathomable as it might seem at first glance. However, in the England of that era, the different kingdoms did not coexist in peace. In fact, the kings fought for the throne and the different branches of nobles conspired in the name of God. That the pagans touched sacred ground received an answer, the war, but the Christians did not conform a unit and soon alliances with the invaders were produced, in order to satisfy the ambitions of one and the other.

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The character, customization and settlement

As soon as the demo starts, the game asks us to choose between the male or female Eivor. The decision is not final, since you can switch between one and the other at any time. The solution of creating two antagonistic brothers, as in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, has not been explored in this title, since the protagonist shares the same name, so that Eivor is canonical for the story regardless of his gender.

One of the novelties that we find and that we can already explore in this version is the possibility of customizing the protagonist as it has never been done in a product of the saga. As in previous video games, there is the option to choose equipment and weapons, but this time other additional features are added: in the settlement, the character has the option of tattooing himself on different parts of the body, choosing the hairstyle, hair color and even beard style. It is not a deep character editor, insofar as only certain aspects can be modified, but the option to unlock new styles allows the user to choose what their version of Eivor will be like and how it will be reflected on the screen.


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