Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Details of the Talent Tree


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been out for two days and it is enjoyed by many players. Although Valhalla’s map is smaller than the previous game, Odyssey, it hosts much more content. Especially Valhalla’s skill tree is way ahead of Odyssey. There are main abilities in this talent tree, and as these are unlocked, they make the game easier for us. You can find out what these abilities do below.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Skill Tree details

This skill tree is divided into 3 branches. Their names appear as Bear, Raven and Wolf. The bear branch focuses on melee. The Raven branch focuses on Assassination. The wolf branch, on the other hand, focuses on ranged attacks. Within these branches, there are main abilities with a bigger icon than the others, and they change our gameplay as they open. These main abilities affect the game as follows:

Bear Branch

Stomp: When your enemy falls to the ground, it allows you to make a movement that crushes your body by pressing the button indicated on it.

Dual Swap: A feature where you can change the location of the weapons you have.

Perfect Attack: It is enough to press the assigned key to deal more damage on the next hit.

Parry Damage: When you make a successful Parry, you can deal more damage to your enemy.

Berserker’s Mettle: A partially loaded adrenaline slot is not affected by the enemy’s first attack.

Light Bow Combo: Consecutive shots with Light Bow deal extra damage.

Warrior Takedown: When you hit an enemy who does not notice you in a normal way, it alerts all enemies in the vicinity, but every enemy that is alerted fills your adrenal

Adrenaline Fiend: When 1 or more adrenaline slots are filled, you gain a damage increase. This damage is increased for each slot that gets filled.

Heavy Dual Wield: Allows you to hold heavy weapons in both hands.

Terror: Weak enemies hide in fear after a stunning finish.

Battlefield Cremation: Enemies you killed by burning will continue to burn and enemies around you will be affected by this flame.

Sprint Bash: While running, you can pass through fragile objects and hit enemies to knock them down.

Arrow Volley: Shoot all the arrows in the Eivor’s hand at once by pressing the button indicated by the Light Bow, which is worth the durability.

Raven Branch

Backstab: Striking directly to an enemy’s back causes increased defense damage and enemies stagger.

Brush with Death: Avoiding an attack slows time for a while.

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Guided Arrow: It allows you to manage the arrow fired by pressing the specified key.

Advanced Assassination: Allows you to assassinate high-level enemies.

Predator Bow Combo: Consecutive shots with the Predator Bow deal extra damage.

Explosive Corpse: You can turn the body of an enemy you killed into a booby trap. By pressing the button indicated near the body, you can make the body explosively charged.

Chain Assassination: Allows you to throw an ax at another nearby enemy after a successful assassination.

Breakfall: Eivor rolls after falling from a dangerous height, reducing damage taken.

Counter Roll: Avoiding immediately after the enemy’s unblockable attack allows you to roll over the enemy’s back and get behind him.

Miasma: Enemies who die from poisonous attacks spread a toxic fog around them, causing other enemies to be poisoned as well.

Assassin’s Cantrip: Allows you to drop a smoke grenade at your feet by pressing the designated key after a successful parry.

Auto Loot: Allows you to automatically take on enemies killed by stealth or melee combat.

Missile Reversal: Parry the weapons thrown at you and throw them back at the enemy.

Wolf Branch

Stealth Recon: If you go unnoticed and Eivor crashes, you can automatically spot enemies.

Sprint Attack: When you run and hit an enemy, you can use this ability to make a powerful attack.

Bow to Melee Link: Alternating between melee and ranged attacks deals short-term bonus damage.

Emergency Aim: When you are noticed, if you press the bow aim button, you will be able to automatically lock on the enemy who notices you.

Last Chance Healing: Time slows down when your health drops to a critical level, in which case you can escape or heal.

Battleground Bolt: Allows you to grab any weapon on the ground and automatically throw it at a nearby enemy.

Stealth Adrenaline: You can earn adrenaline by looting chests or pickpockets in a forbidden area.

In Hunter Bow Combo: Shooting the Bow is faster after the first arrow you throw in Hunter Bow.

Grit: You can regain the amount of health reduced by the enemy’s unblockable attack by hitting that enemy.

Charged Shot: By pressing the specified button, you shoot two powerful arrows. This attack cannot be canceled.

Bow Stun Finisher: You can finish a bow stun finisher by pressing the designated button on a stunned enemy.

Arrow Reinforcement: The arrows you throw will never break and can be collected from enemies.


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