Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarök Could Be Next Expansion


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is going to immerse himself in the world of magic in its next big update. That’s what the as-yet unofficial information discovered through data mining from the latest game update reveals an expansion called Dawn of Ragnarök.

Any information not officially released by the producer must be received with skepticism, as it may be wrong or even change. But the discovery of leaks by data mining has a good track record in games.

The findings were made by j0nathan, who posted a video on his YouTube channel talking about the news. The Eurogamer translation indicates that Dawn of Ragnarök will take the player to Svartalfheim, the dwarf realm.

In this new scenario, new abilities and weapons will be made available to Eivor, many of them involving the use of magic and mysticism. Some of these listed abilities mention ice powers, the power to go invisible, the ability to fly and even to revive enemies – probably to fight on your side.

The leak is so big that even the list of achievements popped up, giving a little more hints than expected. Some of them mention exploring all the territories on the new map, while another speaks of murdering two enemies and flying away undetected, confirming the ability to fly.

An achievement also mentions “improving Odin’s Bracer to the max”. This indicates that the player will have some new mystical gear to explore in the DLC.


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