ASRock Announces Motherboards With Windows 11 Support


ASRock, one of the popular hardware and motherboard manufacturers, has shared the full list of Intel and AMD motherboards compatible with Windows 11. Famous brand ASRock with its popular hardware and motherboards has listed its models compatible with Windows 11. When Microsoft announced Windows 11, some questions arose about its minimum requirements. In the newly determined list of system requirements, motherboards were required to support the TPM 2.0 module and the Secure Boot feature. However, many users could not find this TPM setting on their motherboards.

Windows 11 can run without TPM

In the first leaked build of Windows 11, some users were able to install without using TPM or Secure Boot. However, the TPM 2.0 requirement in the recommended system requirements started to create confusion for users. Thereupon, hardware manufacturers started to publish Windows 11 supported motherboard lists, respectively.

ASRock announced that although motherboards do not have TPM 2.0 support, this module can be connected externally to certain models. He explained that this feature can be opened on motherboards where it is integrated internally;

To enable this feature on Asrock motherboard products, please enable [Intel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT)] or [AMD CPU fTPM] under the UEFI Boot tab. Some motherboards may contain the TPM 2.0 module internally.

List of Asrock motherboards with TPM 2.0 support

ASRock has shared lists of motherboard models that support TPM internally. Here are the supported Intel chipsets:

     Motherboard Series          Supported Chipset

Intel 100Z170, H170, B150, H110
Intel 200Z270, H270, B250
Intel 300Z390, Z370, H370, B360, B365, H310, H310C
Intel 400Z490, H470, B460, H410
Intel 500Z590, B560, H510, H570
Intel X299X299

However, ASRock states that Windows 11 support for Intel 100 and 200 series may vary depending on the final version. Also supported AMD chipsets are:

    Motherboard Series       Supported Chipsets

AM4 300X399, X370, B350, A320, X300, A300
AM4 400X470, B450
AM4 500X570, B550, A520


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