Asobo Studio is already running on another Xbox game


The developer of A Plague Tale: Innocence and Flight Simulator claims to have reached an agreement with Microsoft to make a new game with her.

The creators of the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator, the guys from Asobo Studio, have given an interview to La Tribune, a newspaper in their country (France) before which they have acknowledged that they have already reached an agreement with Microsoft to develop a second title with them , a new game for the Xbox ecosystem. Sebastian Wloch, president of Asobo, was in charge of confirming the news, and although he has not given any details about the project, he assures that it has been easy to reach the agreement after the success of Flight Simulator, which has a 92 mark in Metacritic and according to Wloch himself it accumulates more than a million copies sold.

The growth of Asobo Studio is unstoppable and with this new commitment the developer is divided into three groups. One is preparing a new multiplatform game that will be distributed again by Focus Home Interactive, who already carried out the previous work of the studio, A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019). A second team of 120 members will focus on Microsoft Flight Simulator, which they intend to support and support for the next 10 years (recent updates from Japan and the United States are good examples of what to expect). And finally, a third group will begin to design and work on the project agreed with the Redmond company.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is also coming to Xbox

As if that weren’t enough, the developer is also working on landing Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X / S. They have not wanted to delegate the work to others because they want it to end up being as impressive on console as on PC. “Some things could be even better,” said Jorg Neumann, head of the game, recently. Neumann is not afraid of either possible command control or technical demands and is committed to an identical level of quality. A level that allowed it to obtain 9.2 in the MeriStation analysis, where we leave no room for doubt: it is the aviation platform of the decade.


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