Asmongold Was Left Stunned when Joe Rogan Discovered the Twitch Jacuzzi Meta


Twitch star Asmongold was hysterical watching Joe Rogan find out who Amurant was and the Twitch meta-jacuzzi that appeared on the platform back in 2021.

Asmongold has gained a huge number of fans on Twitch, both thanks to his World of Warcraft streams and countless hours devoted to reaction content.

The 31-year-old TV presenter often reacts to many different types of content, ranging from his gaming sphere to mass entertainment, politics and other topics.

In a recent broadcast on Twitch, he watched an excerpt from the popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and was completely stunned when Joe made a shocking revelation.

Joe Rogan opens up for Twitch meta hot tub

The UFC commentator had a fighter and streamer Demetrius Johnson on the show, who told him a little about the history of Twitch and why he eventually left the platform on YouTube.

Johnson mentioned that the popularity of the Twitch jacuzzi skyrocketed in mid-2021 and defined the platform for a while. Joe was puzzled by this.

– Streams from the Jacuzzi? Joe asked.

Asmongold instantly paused the video and said, “Oh my God. Oh, man. How does Joe not know about this? What the fuck doesn’t he know?! He must be fucking faking it.”

One user in the chat stated that Joe could just be stoned and not remember, but Asmongold objected: “Every day a lot of people are stoned and watch Amouranth. There’s nothing special about it.”

Then the couple picked up a stream from the jacuzzi, and although they did not show whose channel it was, Asmon suggested that it was probably an Amoir. and Joe didn’t really know about his existence or how quickly he gained popularity, and bluntly said: “I didn’t know it existed. Jesus Christ.”

Asmongold shouted: “It’s fucking funny. Wow.”

Although Joe didn’t know who Amurant was until this episode of her podcast, she could quickly turn him into a fan.


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