Asmongold Says There Are “No Excuses” for Starforge PCs After Linus Tech Tips Review


Twitch star Asmongold admitted that StarForge Systems, which is releasing his new gaming PC, should achieve more success after Linus Tech Tips reviewed one of their custom-made PCs and caused a mixed reaction.

StarForge Systems broke into the market of specialized gaming PCs funded by star streamers Asmongold, Mizkif, Rich Campbell and many others associated with OTK.

On October 1, YouTube star Linus Tech Sovets finally published his review of the StarForge Systems user PC, which he acquired from a new company.

Asmongold published the review in his own thread, and both acknowledged the company’s mistakes and acknowledged that they needed to work better moving forward.

Asmongold Promises StarForge Changes After Linus Tech Tips Review

Linus couldn’t resist his review of the Horizon Creator edition PC, which he purchased for a high $3,500, and said he was “extremely skeptical” about the development of the company’s business model.

Despite the fact that the YouTuber has many disadvantages that can be compensated for when buying, he admitted that compared to the market of non-standard gaming PCs, StarForge was “as good an option as any other SI on the market.”

Asmongold took blows at his company and responded to Linus’ concerns about quality control in the company. He stated: “He is right, there is literally no excuse for this. That’s fucked up. Obviously, by and large it could have been much worse, but it shouldn’t have happened either.”

After the launch, StarForge caused a strong negative reaction due to its prices and immediately lowered them after fan feedback.

As the company moves forward and tries to take a place in the market, ASsmongold assures that they will continue to work on quality control issues and will begin to produce a better product with better characteristics.


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