Asmongold Encourages Twitch Streamers to Use The Trick to Increase The Number of Views: “The Same As Viewing Bots”


The popular creator of World of Warcraft content Asmongold accuses streamers embedding their broadcasts in “bot views”.

Zack “Asmongold”, like any famous Twitch streamer, has made his career by providing funny content, stories and putting his personality and hard work into his content.

Perhaps that is why the topic of viewing bots, using shortcuts, or exploiting certain flaws in Twitch or the streaming model causes such a reaction from the content creator.

On January 22, Asmongold uploaded a video in which he reacted to Vex explaining how Final Fantasy XIV streamers “view bots” by embedding their videos on popular websites. Zak himself called this practice “desperate and despicable.”

Asmongold accuses streamers using inserts of “viewing bots”

According to the Twitch star’s explanation, embedding is a practice where someone displays their stream on a website. Then this website, when accessed, will automatically play the stream, providing a view of the broadcast on Twitch, while often the user does not even suspect that any stream is even being played.

“Embedding and viewing bots are functionally the same thing,” commented the streamer. “I don’t think embedding is any different from watching bots.”

Further, Asmongold explained to the participants of his chat that, in his opinion, this practice negatively affects the entire platform.

“I think it’s also worse for the audience. If people view bots and disproportionately promote their channel, they give them the opportunity not to earn this place. And the way people earn places in the catalog is by providing quality content.

“If you have someone cheating their way to the top positions of the catalog, it will give them more visibility to view. And then this viewer thinks: “Wow, this must be an interesting broadcast because there are a lot of people here,” and then it is set up and its viewing is blocked.

“This man just wasted his time,” Zack concluded.

The streamer also explained that he doesn’t blame people using this method, he just wants Twitch not to consider it an active audience or do something else with it.


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