Asmongold criticizes Ninja’s plan to broadcast “everywhere”


Twitch streamer Asmongold believes that Ninja’s recent move to launch streaming on all platforms will not benefit one of the most popular streamers in the world. Asmongold, known for his broadcasts of World of Warcraft, claims that this can be bad for ninjas for various reasons, including reduced interaction with viewers and control problems. While he doesn’t think it’s a smart choice due to the quality of the content, he admits that Ninja is so popular that he doesn’t need to be limited to Twitch alone.

The game character Ninja, who has more than 18 million subscribers on Twitch, unexpectedly interrupted streaming, saying that he did not know when he would return and, more importantly, where. Some well-known Twitch streamers have taken similar breaks, while others are leaving the platform altogether, which has raised questions about the future of Ninja. When the streaming star took a break, he also gave up his Twitch affiliate privileges. They won’t be coming back either, since even the updated Twitch affiliate program doesn’t require simultaneous streams on other platforms.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has released a short video in which he says he has returned to streaming. In the video, along with clips of his streams, Ninja talks about streaming “everywhere”. Facebook Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch are among the platforms on its list. According to popular Twitch streamer Asmongold, this will reduce the audience too much, and, in his opinion, it would be wiser to focus efforts on one platform. He claims that the audience will be divided, and it will be too difficult for him to talk to the audience, manage the flow and, ultimately, produce a quality product.

According to Asmongold, the Ninja could simply switch to YouTube, as it has become more popular on the Google video platform. However, Asmongold is interested in the experiment and whether it will be successful, hinting that he himself is open to streaming somewhere else. In his opinion, this is a test for all streamers, and only Ninja has the courage to try it for others. Recently, YouTube Gaming has been gaining popular streamers with exclusive offers, which would make the transition natural. However, Ninja doesn’t seem interested in being linked, even with nearly 24 million subscribers on YouTube, which is more than even his Twitch subscribers.

While Asmongold starts jokingly referring to the Ninja’s rough deal with the Mixer and the Ninja’s rough deal with the Mixer and criticizing the Ninja’s new plans, he quickly switches to praising the video game personality as the greatest player of all- the one who “won the game”. According to Asmongold, the Ninja achieved such a huge success that he could easily just relax, relax, do what he wants and enjoy the fruits of his labor. And maybe now Ninja wants to forget about partnerships and just provide content to as many people as possible.


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