Asks the Mexican government to pay for their work


Andrés Santander no longer lives in the United States. He does not drive a new truck from the company that hired him there, nor does a gringo businessman pay him in advance or encourage him with loans. Now he is in Mexico, he has to use his own vehicles to work in the construction of public works and his new employer owes him four months of work.

“And he already said that he will not pay,” he complains in an interview with this newspaper

This repatriated Mexican is part of a group of 15 former migrant truck drivers from Bella Vista del Río, Querétaro, who denounce a scam of around $ 70,000 dollars by the construction company Jabe, S.A. de C.V allegedly in complicity with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

“How is it possible that for four months they made us work and did not measure that the budget had already run out?”, David Ramírez warns.

Deported, repatriated or retired migrants in the United States from the state of Querétaro and Hidalgo, in the Sierra Gorda region, have in recent years opted to invest in heavy equipment for the construction of large-scale civil works such as highways or government buildings.

They had had some success in recent years with federal, state, or municipal contracts so far. In these times they do not have a good time for two reasons: because of the austerity policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador where infrastructure went to the background and because the culture of non-payment, delayed wages and theft at all levels of government became more acute.

The National Chamber of the Construction Industry has denounced in various studies that one of the greatest leaks in the public budget is due to corruption and mismanagement in public works due to the absence of competent institutions that qualify each phase of the works from planning and design to maintenance once the project is completed.


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