Aside From Hugh Jackman, Which X-Men Characters Can We Hope to See in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3?


“Deadpool 3” brings Hugh Jackman back to the ranks of the X-Men, as Wolverine has already caused mass hysteria among fans. Ryan Reynolds has stated several times that he wanted to make a film about Deadpool with a mercenary with a mouth and Wolverine in the lead roles. But it just didn’t come to that.

Since it finally happened, it made us hope that maybe we would finally see the appearance of other major mutants in the triquel. Here are some of the X-Men characters we desperately hope to see in an offensive superhero comedy movie.

Here are the X-Men characters who may appear in “Deadpool 3” starring Ryan Reynolds.

Professor X

Professor X is one of the most important characters who founded the X—Men, as well as the head of Xavier’s School for Gifted Children. Also known as Charles Xavier, he is the most powerful mutant ever to live with telepathic abilities.

Due to the multiple timelines of the franchise, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy played this character at different stages of his life. Although he was shown dead in “Logan”, since time travel was introduced after the credits of “Deadpool 2”, the chances of his appearance are high.

Colossus and the Non-Homicidal Teenage Warhead

Both Colossus and the Negasobic Teenage Warhead have appeared in Deadpool movies. The first is a Russian man with mental abilities, and he’s constantly trying to get Ryan Reynolds to see the good part of being a hero. And the latter is a teenager capable of manipulating atomic energy.

She and Wade are constantly throwing shadows at each other. They figure prominently in the first two. Hence, it would be pointless if they were omitted for the triquel.


The power of Mercury lies in its speed. He is too fast at his speed, so much so that he can even outrun the explosions. In addition to his superpositions, he also has a great sense of humor, which makes him the perfect partner for Wade Wilson.

Wade and Quicksilver can play with each other to create the most hilarious Deadpool movie to date. More importantly, it will also mark the return of Evan Peters to a role that is not creepy or murderous.

Which character do you most want to see in the triquel?


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