Asia Argento has apparently reacted to Anthony Bourdain’s new book revealing text messages sent to her shortly before his death


Anthony Bourdain has been in the news again lately thanks to a new book detailing his life as well as some of his final moments. As part of this, “Down and Away in Paradise: The Life of Anthony Bourdain” recently hit the headlines thanks to reports revealing intimate texts and details from the days leading up to the death of the Parts Unknown host at the age of 61. Some of the texts reportedly came from former Asia Argento, who has now apparently commented on the Instagram Stories post.

It is reported that “Down and in Paradise” details Bourdain’s conversation with Argento shortly before his death. They dated for some time, but broke up after paparazzi published photos of the Italian actress spending time with another man. In the texts, he openly spoke about his feelings, reportedly noting:

He then asked the actress if there was anything he could do, to which she reportedly replied:

In a new Instagram Stories post (via People), which was reportedly posted after the news of Down and Out in Paradise broke, Asia Argento was wearing a Ronnie Coleman T-shirt that read “stop breaking my balls.” The post was published on Thursday after reports surfaced about the contents of the book, including a newly released text message exchange.

Presumably, she sent the same message mentioned above on the night Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. He was in France on the set of his CNN series Parts Unknown, and spent the last days filming with French chef Eric Riper, a longtime friend.

An upcoming book written by Charles Liersen has been criticized for publishing text exchanges. The publisher of Down and Out in Paradise has already released a statement about Anthony Bourdain’s lyrics, saying that the material was not “defamatory” as Bourdain’s brother, Christopher, claimed, and that he was part of the story when it came to the TV host. Life and influence.

Earlier, Asia Argento shared her thoughts on the negative press reviews about what happened to Bourdain. She even said that she had heard that people believed that his death was her fault. In 2018, she spoke about what she had heard, also saying “in a way” that she understands where people come from.

It’s hard to believe Anthony Bourdain has been gone for more than four years, as his spirit has lived on in reruns of “Parts Unknown” and “Without Reservations,” as well as in projects like Roadrunner, which explores his early career and all the highlights and milestones. together his patchwork life, a life filled with travel and spontaneity, a life filled with food and learning. New Book Down and Out in Paradise: The Life of Anthony Bourdain is released on October 11.


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