Ashwalkers Brings A Major Conflict Between Narrative And Management


Ashwalkers: The lives of 200,000 people are at stake. The third squadron decides to venture into an unknown scenario, full of challenges and without news of the other adventurers who tried to risk their lives to save humanity.

Citadel, a quiet place, but which has become the last wish of the inhabitants of the region. The only solution is to find a prosperous place to continue living. Petra is a born leader. Sing, an accomplished fighter and Nadir, a great explorer. Kali is a smart person, who always has a solution for everything. The squad was complete.

Two weeks ago they left their past to try to save the population, in search of the Domes Dome. The task would not be simple, because you know you will be hungry, cold, and you will face intense challenges ahead.

Let the adventure begin

Ashwalkers can be considered a table RPG, with a post-apocalyptic and inhospitable background. The game was developed by Nameless XIII, a studio headed by one of the creators of Life is Strange, Herve Bonin. Whoever played this classic knows that the strong is in the narrative. Ashwalkers do not escape this premise.

As much as the management ingredients are present in the game, the plot is the strong point, but have the producers been successful in it? During the adventure that takes about 3 and a half hours, you notice a well-done script, but nothing out of the ordinary, without a convincing plot twist that helps you to better elaborate the archetypes created in the adventure.


Even with the production company emphasizing the possibility of 34 different outcomes, their choices do not seem to determine the future of the squad, or at least the time in the course of the story does not make this very clear. When you think things are going to get hot, the game is over.

Even playing 3 different endings, it was not possible to boast about the decisions made by their leader. And this is where two conflicting themes come into play: time and management.

Ashwalkers allow you to lead a group of people in search of a new refuge. For this, it will be necessary to take care of your troop’s life. It can be done in two ways. The first one concerns the collection of items, such as food, medicine and wood.


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