Ashton Kutcher told why he and Mila Kunis returned to the spin-off show of the 70s


Soon, viewers will see everyone’s favorite TV stoner band from the “70s Show” when the “90s Show” debuts on Netflix. Now Ashton Kutcher has revealed why he and his wife, former co-star Mila Kunis, decided to return to the show.

Even during the premiere of his new movie “Revenge” Kutcher told how he likes to come back to play Kelso in the spin-off “Show of the 70s.” Kutcher also voiced how strange it was to return to the set, but, nevertheless, it was fun for him and Kunis to return to their places, especially since they were with people they had worked with before.

“It was really nostalgic to be back on set,” Kutcher told Variety. “These are all the same people who did the ’70s Show, so it was pretty weird.” Kutcher also admitted that he and Kunis needed time to think about whether to come back, and ended up having fun once they did. “Mila and I have been thinking about it,” Kutcher said. “We thought: “Look, we’re in this position just because of this show, so let’s just go back and do it. We just came back and had a fun week. It was so casual and fun.” Moreover, Kutcher seems to think the spin-off will be well received. “It’s really funny. The new cast is phenomenal.”

Everyone from the original cast, with the exception of Danny Masterson—due to his ongoing legal issues- will be involved in one form or another when the “90s Show debuts. While Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp are starring as their original characters, Red and Kitty Foreman respectively, Kutcher, Kunis, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama will return only in guest roles as their original characters for the show. However, time will tell if it will all be long-term if the show takes off.

On the one hand, there is a very high probability that the “90s Show” will be popular, given the fact that this is a reboot of a popular show that began airing two and a half decades ago. Given that reboots appear on the left and right, there’s no reason to think that this particular reboot won’t appeal to viewers. Moreover, instead of starting from where it left off, as in other reboots, the “90s Show” will obviously take place at a different time than when the “70s Show ended.

Everything will depend on how this new cast performs. This ’70s show thrived because the character dynamics worked so well in the cast. Since the original young actors have just now been reduced to guest roles, the show will depend on the dynamics of the new cast to maintain the quality of its predecessor. Remember that the “70s Show” took a big hit when Grace and Kutcher left in 2005 because they lost their straight man, as well as a significant part of their comic relief. So that they don’t stumble like this, the “90s Show” will need all hands on deck to have a chance to achieve the success that the “70s Show achieved.

This ’90s show is currently in production.


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