Ashley Jacobs of Southern Charm says Naomi Olindo is “one of the worst people I’ve ever met,” claims Craig’s storyline is fake


The graduate of the series “Southern Charm” Ashley Jacobs has several criticisms about her former colleagues in the film, and she is not afraid to tell the truth.

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Although she has nothing to say except good words about the other two graduates of the Bravo show — Camerana Eubanks and Chelsea Meisner, 36-year-old Jacobs was a little more outspoken about the other stars of the series.

“The best [storyteller] they could find was Naomi [Olindo]?” the former reality star asked in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday, July 20. “I want, for example, to help her. I want to teach her how to emphasize words to use a little more excitement. I want to teach her how to do a good voiceover. She’s terrible.”

The influencer continued, “She’s one of the worst people I’ve ever met. So I’d rather have lunch with [longtime enemy] Katherine [Dennis] than with Naomi. Let’s put it this way.”

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The former Bravo personality noted that she considers the 29-year-old Olindo “evil” and “one of the coldest people” she met on the show.

Given that the L’ABEYE entrepreneur’s storyline this season centered around her connection to ex Craig Conover, Jacobs wasn’t impressed.

“It’s so boring for me. I can’t even watch,” she said. “It just seemed very fabricated. It was born. I thought, “Can’t we be a little more creative about this?” I had nothing to say about it. It was fast-forward.”

The Santa Barbara, California native also reflected on the disastrous lunch she had with the reality TV star in 2019 during season 6, telling us that the scene was allegedly “rigged” because both she and Olindo wanted “time to shoot.”

“I like the part where… I call her to invite her to lunch — I’m already in the parking lot, and the producer is sitting next to me. So let’s just be real,” Jacobs shared. “But I thought maybe I could touch a strong heart, maybe she could show more warmth. I thought it might change my mind, [but] no— it was exactly what I expected.”

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As for what’s going on with Olindo this season, Jacobs noted that this French native “never liked Catherine,” but ended up grabbing “Catherine’s bandwagon” because it was “popular at the time.”

Although it took the reality TV graduate “about three years” to feel like she was “finally” in a good place, Jacobs said she eventually reached a certain level of clarity since leaving the show after season 6.

“I feel much better,” she told Us. “Sometimes now that the show has resumed, it comes back and you see these comments and just get angry. I’m mad at myself. I’m hard on myself. But again, it got me to where I am today.”

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi